Best Cait NA, xD
First time Leona :D
Such a long ARAM game. I’ve never played a more intense game.
Too goooood.
Yay :D
Play ARAM with me! SN: aitakeru :)
Support champs are broken
Apparently I’m pretty good with support champs on ARAM, lol.
We lost but it was a fun game :)
Still got it
& we’re back in business :) Shitty, but i’m back.
If I used to play League with you, remind me.

I just reformatted, and installed League, and I’m deleting everyone off my FL. So if we used to play together remind me who you are. I know a bunch of you changed your usernames and whatever.

add me :) @aitakeru

Mm, first time back on :D
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